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M Series 6.5" 400w RMS D2/D4

Trinity Audio Solutions

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The Trinity Audio Solutions M series 6.5” and 8" subwoofers are engineered to exceed expectations. Although they are the little brothers to the larger offerings from the M series line do not let their size fool you. These little monsters still offer unparalleled performance and value for bass enthusiasts who prioritize quality without breaking the bank. Designed for the discerning basshead, this subwoofer incorporates cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an exceptional listening experience.

At the heart of the M series 6.5” and 8” subwoofer lies a double stacked ferrite motor, enhanced through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for optimal structure and performance. This motor design ensures powerful bass reproduction with minimal distortion, even at high volumes. Additionally, the subwoofer's optimized airflow system, spanning both the motor and basket, facilitates efficient heat dissipation, allowing for extended periods of operation without compromising performance.

The subwoofer's construction features a triple-layer foam high excursion surround, providing durability and flexibility for enhanced bass response. Complementing this is a rigid composite paper cone, engineered to deliver precise and accurate bass reproduction across the frequency spectrum. The M series 6.5” subwoofer also boasts a 5.4" layered progressive nomex spider pack in the 6.5” version while the 8” M series gets a 6.5” nomex progressive spider pack. A 2" BASV high-temperature dual voice coil is used in both 6.5” and 8” versions, further enhancing their performance capabilities.

Recognized as a leader in the market for low-end reproduction, the M series subwoofers excels in delivering deep, impactful bass that resonates with clarity and definition. Whether used in a ported or bandpass enclosure, this subwoofer is ideally suited for both daily bass enthusiasts and competitive car audio competitors seeking to push the limits of their sound systems.

Prior to its release, the M series subwoofer underwent extensive testing, including rigorous FEA modeling and real-world trials, ensuring its performance and reliability meet Trinity Audio Solutions' exacting standards. Each product undergoes meticulous quality control checks, guaranteeing that only the finest units make their way to customers.

With a track record of satisfied customers pushing the boundaries of audio performance, the Trinity Audio Solutions M series subwoofer has proven its resilience in extreme environments, withstanding immense power levels without succumbing to damage. Additionally, customers can take comfort in the availability of recone options and a generous 1-year manufacturer warranty, further demonstrating Trinity Audio Solutions' commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity.

TAS M65/8 Manual

Box Designs

Dual M6.5 Ported Enclosure

Quad M6.5 Ported Enclosure