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TAS-8000.1 8000w RMS Amplifier

Trinity Audio Solutions

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The Trinity Audio Solutions TAS series of amplifiers are meticulously crafted to prioritize size without compromising on output quality. In response to the shrinking space available in modern vehicles, Trinity focuses on delivering compact yet powerful amplifiers, addressing the needs of bassheads who prioritize both performance and value.

Engineered from the ground up, the TAS series amplifiers undergo rigorous testing to ensure exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. Trinity's dedication to quality, affordability, and a compact footprint drives the design philosophy behind the TAS series.

Recognizing the challenges in the mini and micro amp market, Trinity aims to mitigate common issues such as amp failures due to impedance and voltage misunderstandings. The TAS series boasts innovative features to enhance durability, including an extensive heatsink design, surpassing industry standards by over 50%, effectively combating heat buildup, the primary adversary in small footprint amplifiers.

Extensive research and development iterations guarantee that TAS series amplifiers can withstand even the most demanding conditions encountered by bassheads. Whether employing full bridge or class D designs, Trinity's commitment to excellence ensures optimal performance in various applications.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the TAS series earning praise from bassheads and audiophiles alike. The amplifiers sell exceptionally well through distribution channels and direct sales, boasting a high rate of returning customers. The TAS series amps excels in large stereo demo competition builds where space is at a premium. With support in the loudspeaker market, Trinity's largest 1-channel amplifier delivers up to 8000 watts to vocal speakers at prominent automotive shows worldwide.

Efficiency is a hallmark of the TAS line, requiring less electrical input compared to average amplifiers, ensuring optimal performance without draining power resources.

All TAS series amplifiers utilize RCA inputs, with mono amps compatible with Trinity's bass knob or any universal inline RCA style bass knob.

Trinity Audio Solutions provides comprehensive technical support and detailed information to its customers, ensuring a seamless user experience. The amplifiers are backed by a standard 1-year warranty, with a commitment to quality evident in Trinity's approach to warranty service.

Continual development and innovation drive Trinity Audio Solutions forward, with exciting new advancements on the horizon for the TAS series amplifier line, promising further enhancements in performance, reliability, and user experience.